A Powerful Experience for MMPA Fourth-Graders

June 6, 2017

The Minnesota Municipal Power Agency (MMPA) provided students with a real-world learning experience while touring its Faribault Energy Park, in Faribault, MN. In May, the Agency hosted energy education events for fourth-graders from 23 schools in its member and project host communities. These annual tours serve thousands of students and are part of the Agency’s Energy Education Program.

Specifically designed to integrate into Minnesota’s 4th grade science standards, the tours use interactive educational stations to teach students how electricity is generated from multiple sources, including natural gas, wind and solar, as well as how it is transmitted and used. Among the many interactive activities, student volunteers served as “student-fueled power plants” and used a bike-generator to better understand electricity generation and the importance of energy conservation.

In addition to Faribault tours, MMPA provided in-school assemblies to its member communities that are not within convenient reach of the power plant earlier this year. These assemblies support our member communities and demonstrate the Agency’s commitment to energy education.