Arlington is a small, growing city located in a rural setting 55 miles southwest of Minneapolis. Major businesses include Sibley Medical Center, Sibley East School District, Hutchinson Co-op, the Good Samaritan Village nursing home and Scott Equipment, a manufacturer of large industrial equipment. Arlington has been involved in the delivery of electricity since the early 1900s when the city generated electricity in its old city hall. In 1992, Arlington and seven other cities joined together to form MMPA.

  • Conservation Rebates

    The City of Arlington offers rebates to residential customers who purchase and install new, ENERGY STAR® appliances and lighting.  Rebates are also available when you recycle your refrigerator or freezer or tune up your central air conditioner. Applications are available below, on the City website, or may be picked up at the City Office.


    2020 ENERGY STAR Appliance Rebate and Recycling Bonus Rebate (PDF)

    2020 Central AC Tune-Up Rebate (PDF)

    2020 Q.I. Air Conditioner/Air Source Heat Pump Rebate (PDF)

    2020 Retrofit ECM Rebate (PDF)

    2020 Residential LED Rebate (PDF)


    If you qualify for Energy Assistance in MN, you may be eligible for a free energy audit through the Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP).  Contact Minnesota Valley Action Council at (800) 767-7139 to see if you qualify. Information about WAP can be found here.


    The City of Arlington offers rebates to business customers who install energy efficient lighting and variable speed drives.  Applications are available below, on the City website, or may be picked up at the City Office.


    2020 Lighting Retrofit Rebate (PDF)

    2020 Lighting New Construction Rebate (PDF)

    2020 VFD Rebate (PDF)


    For information on Custom projects, please contact the City of Arlington Utility Billing Department.

  • Renewable Products

    Clean Energy Choice

    Clean Energy Choice is an affordable, low-cost way for residential electric customers to support renewable energy. The program offers residential customers with the option to elect to have 50%, 75%, or 100% of their electricity from renewable sources. This is in addition to the 17% renewable energy that is provided to all MMPA customers, as required by Minnesota law. The renewable energy for the Clean Energy Choice program comes from the Minnesota Municipal Power Agency’s renewable resources and renewable purchases from other utilities.  For more information on MMPA’s renewable energy resources, click here.


    What are the benefits?

    • Inexpensive – From $1 – $3 per Month
    • Predictable Cost – Monthly cost is fixed and not dependent on energy usage
    • Easy to Sign Up – Simply click here to sign up on the Clean Energy Choice website
    • Easy to Cancel – Subscription is monthly – you can cancel at anytime


    How do customers subscribe?

    To sign-up, visit the Clean Energy Choice website. Once customers are signed up, the subscription will appear as a surcharge on their electric bill in monthly increments – there is no minimum term commitment for Clean Energy Choice. Customers can choose to unsubscribe at any time.